Rhumba and Levi making out

And on her farm she had a horse

Rhumba has a perfectly shaped teardrop star on his forehead because he makes me cry. Sometimes joy, sometimes not.


I hug trees - and women and children

Let's not argue about the environment and its importance. Your mama taught you to clean up your mess when you were a child. Do the math.

This bridge can sway!

People matter

I kept one of my undergrad textbooks because its title is "Communication in Human Organizations." Managers who care about their humans create better organizations.

Because we all like to explore, don't we?

Actually some don't, but nevermind.

People are all the same, no matter where you go, except that they're not. We have different drivers and different interests, and our passions take us down vastly different roads. We all have a story, and I'm interested in them.

My husband, Jim, says the main difference between him and God is that God doesn't sit around all day thinking he's Jim. I tend to think that everyone sees the world through my eyes, which is something I'm: A) constantly fighting; and B) pretty sure is the only thing we all have in common. 

This site is mostly a blog, and it's a convenient medium for me to explore and consider the candy store of ideas that surround me. I know about as much as the next guy but sometimes it helps to see it on a page, because then at least I can work through it.

I have a story, too. Some of it is pretty mundane but if I really get into the weeds I'm pretty shocked at what I see.

And here I thought I knew myself.